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We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our approach to education. Our Foundations and Pillars series will support your learning of the basics followed by a more in-depth look at the applications of kinesiology tape.

Importance of Mobility(Tape) in practice


Mobility is the foundation of human movement. Mobility is defined as the overall range of motion a person has control over within their body, most notably within the joints. Mobility is incredibly important to one's health and daily functioning. Increased mobility can aid in managing risk from getting injured.

With Mobility at the heart of our company we strive to educate the masses about HOW our tape can aid in your body’s ability to move better. 

According to the Medical Dictionary, body mechanics is “the application of kinesiology to the use of proper movement in daily activities, the prevention and correction of problems related to posture” (Body Mechanics, n.d.).  This is where Mobility tape can enhance ones ability to recognize potential faulty patterns and use the central nervous system to rebuild these patterns and more over move better. 

In other words, body mechanics refers to the way you hold your body when you move around. When you use proper body mechanics while caring for clients, you will be more likely to avoid muscle fatigue and injuries. This is where the tape can aid in that creative change your body is going through. 

To practice good body mechanics, you first need to understand the way the muscles, tendons and ligaments work to make motion happen.  We discuss this at length in our Level 2 “Pillars” course.  

Once you understand the way they work, you can better understand what is needed to use them and protect them to allow for better function.

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Our Foundations course introduces one to the concepts of Kinesiology tape and how tape can aid in one’s ability to move better.  This course is an evidence based practical applications of how MT can aid in managing pain, edema/swelling, and proprioceptive awareness. This general course will give the student the ability to apply MT to regional areas of the body; Spine, Upper extremity, and lower extremity.

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Toronto registration (Pillars)

During our Pillars course the instructors will take a deep dive into what makes MT the best in the market. We start with building the foundation of tape, what is pain, proper assessments, proper mobility techniques, what therapy is needed for, the stages of healing and then how to tape these areas to get best CNS response.  All of our courses are intended for those in the healthcare fields (MD, DC, PT, DO) but coaches, ATC’s and personal trainers are welcome to take these courses as well.

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Intro to your instructor

Dr. Justin Brink, owner of Premiere Spine and Sport and former lead instructor of Rocktape's FMT will be flying up from Boise Idaho to teach both the Foundations and Pillars course.

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