Wrist pain (pinky side)

Video tutorial:

Hi, I'm James Gardner, certified athletic therapist. I'm going to talk to you today about taping the wrist. Injuries to the wrist can happen through general rotary type activities, like painting or cooking. For this wrist tape job, we're going to use two pieces of tape. One is pre-cut, split at the top. The other is half the size. We're going to limit the wrists ability to turn the pinky towards the wrist, so we're going to limit all their deviation by taping on the thumb side.

Splay the fingers to help create full width at the wrist. We're going to start with the piece split in the middle. Take one part of the split, and wrap around the web between your thumb and index finger coming from the outer side of the hand. Secondly, wrap the other split end around the web but coming from the inside of the hand. Lastly, apply the remainder of the tape running down the thumb side of your wrist. Rub to activate the heating agent.

With the smaller piece of tape, we simply want to wrap it around the forearm so it overlaps with the anchor of your first piece. This is for added support. Apply this piece with minimal stretch.

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