Top of shoulder pain

Video tutorial:

Hi, I'm James Gardner certified athletic therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist here to do a tape job for the AC joint (top of shoulder). The acromioclavicular joint is the joining of the clavicle on the front side and the point of the shoulder blade as it comes up and over the front side. This joint is typically injured in sport by taking a blow from the outside, or day to day from things like sleeping overhead for prolonged periods, painting, or doing anything that's up overhead. This joint generally feels pain when reaching across the body or reaching up to the sky or to do something down and behind yourself. For the AC joint tape job, we're going to use two pre-cut pieces of tape. Because Mobility Tape comes in multiple colors, this will just show the definition between or the contrast between the two pieces of tape. Tear an anchor in the middle of the first piece, and apply with full stretch over the painful area. Peal the backing on both sides and apply going down toward the chest, and the other side down toward the shoulder blade with zero stretch.


The second piece of tape will essentially just create an X and again that tension is going to be through the middle of the tape and right over the same spot. laying the tape down over the front side I can follow the contours of the body. One side up toward the side of the neck, the other down toward the side of the shoulder, again, with zero stretch.

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