Achilles pain

Video tutorial:

My name is Michael Garcia. I'm a massage therapist and certified athletic therapist. We're here at form optimal athletic therapy, and we're going to demonstrate how to apply Mobility Tape for Achilles tendinitis, or any type of lower calf pain or discomfort.

We want to get two strips ready of equal size, about 4-6 inches in length. You're going to tear one end for an anchor. Remove the backing and apply at the back of the calcaneus or the heel.

Peal the remainder of the backing leaving a small anchor at the end and come up the Achilles to the lower calf. Pull to 100%, then come back down to 50% and place the tape down. Now peel the remaining inch and place with no stretch. Rub it down to activate the heating agent.

Second piece, similar thing. Tear one side, peel the backing and apply to the side of the ankle, covering over the bone. Peel the remaining and wrap horizontally around the Achilles to the other side of the ankle. Remember that both anchors should have no stretch. Activate the heating agent and there you have the application for Achilles tape job. As always, if you have any persistent pain or discomfort, please seek medical professionals’ attention.

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