Hamstring support

Video tutorial:

Hi, I'm James Gardner, certified athletic therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to talk to you today about a very common injury called the hamstring strain, hamstring tear or hamstring issue. Hamstrings are a group of muscles on the backside of the leg, basically starting from the undersurface of the buttock and crossing over the knee joint. important to understand that this muscle or group of muscles, crosses two joints, the hip and the knee.

The application of the tape can be applied anywhere from top to bottom, or encompassing the whole length of the muscle tissue itself. For the purposes of this tape job, I'm going to use three different lengths of tape, pre-cut rounded edges, just to display a little bit of contrast, but also to show what this tape can look like in your application. So, the first application is this long piece (about 15 inches), I'm going to use this for the center portion of the hamstring group, I'm going to start with my anchor on the side of the upper calf, coming around the side of the knee and up the hamstring ending right before the butt. Apply this on either side with very little stretch in the tape.

The last piece will start with an anchor, placed down where the previous 2 pieces met right before the butt. Peel the backing, and with 50% stretch come down the middle of the hamstring ending with the anchor being place on the back of the knee joint. Hamstring issues are common with people who run people who walk up and down stairs, people who are mobile on a daily basis, strange tears all these other things that had tend to happen in a little bit more ballistic sports, sprinting, running, changing direction playing hockey, all of those other things in the sporting world as well. If you have lingering pain or undiagnosed plant pain, please as always check in with a medical practitioner.

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