Neck pain

Video tutorial:

My name is Michael Garcia. I'm a massage therapist and athletic Therapist here at form Optima athletic therapy. I'm here to help demonstrate how to apply Mobility Tape for upper fiber trap, also known as general neck pain and soreness. This application is much easier when done by someone else, but can be accomplished on your own as well.


You’re going to start with one, 6-inch piece of tape, cut in the centre vertically about half way to splay 2 ways. Imagine an upside-down Y. At the end without the split, tear to create the anchor. Place the anchor at the upper back portion of the neck, on the right side. Get one half of that split ready, peel the backing, pull for 25% stretch and place down about an inch right of the spine. Rub down the strip to activate the heating agent. With the other splayed piece, peal the backing, pull for 25% stretch and place along the top of the shoulder.


Now repeat the same application on the left side of the neck. With this upper fiber chapter application, you'll get some relief with neck pain soreness or general tightness. As always, please seek professional medical help if you have any type of continuous pain or discomfort

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