Elbow pain (golfer's elbow)

Video tutorial:

I'm James Gardner, certified athletic therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Today we’re going over the tape application for golfer’s elbow. The muscles we’re targeting are responsible for flexing the wrist, as well as partially bending and rotating through the wrist. For this tape job, we're going to use two pieces of tape one which is going to splay down through the forearm, it's going to be pre-cut, rounded at the edges. And for this, for the purposes of this tape job, I've just cut this into three, so it has a nice divide down at the bottom, and that will display along some of the musculature of the forearm.


Common injuries for this area of the elbow or forearm are sports injuries: golf, javelin, baseball, football. In daily usage, turning the wrist so basically everything that we do turning doorknobs, lifting groceries, typing at the computer. This is a very common area for injury and a common area for irritation. When applying this tape, we simply bring the elbow into a nice neutral bend, not too far flexed, not too far extended, wrist is out nice and flat, we're going to take that tape, peel the top, anchor it down just above that common flexor mask. Peel the backside off, pull it out to 80% tension or stretch back off to 50. And then I can come down as far or as short as I wish.


For the purposes of this tape job, I'm going to encompass the whole forearm by splitting out over the column over the individual tendons down at the wrist. This is cut into three splayed pieces covering the tendons, common flexor mass, large muscle bellies, into the tendons at the wrist. To finish this tape job off, I'm actually going to use one of the heat activated pieces here that has the analgesic. And the purpose for that in this tape job is to give that area of pain, some comfort, so I'm going to make sure that that area is covered. We're going to wrap around using the backing off as we come around the corner, overlapping and encompassing that common flexor mass. Again, just like every tape job avoiding the joint space itself so the elbow can still bend and is not restricted. Lastly, we secure down, we splayed out, no limitation in terms of motion. This tape job is very much for comfort, relief of pain.

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