Lower back support

Video tutorial: 

Hi, my name is Brittany and I’m a certified athletic therapist. Today we’re going to be explaining the lower back application. You may be feeling pain or soreness from a sports related injury or just day to day use. Either way, this application will help in the recovery process.


We’ll need 2 pieces of tape around 8 inches in length. We are going to be following the spine on either side, tape will never sit on top of the spine, just run alongside it.


Tear and inch from the end of one piece to create an anchor. Place at the bottom of the back, next to the spine with no stretch. Next, peal the backing and with 50% stretch, place the tape down parallel with the spine. Finish by placing the end anchor down with zero stretch. Repeat this process on the other side of the spine. Once the tape is applied, rub to activate the heating agent.


As always, if pain persists, and becomes limiting, we recommend seeking out professional help.

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