Knee support

Video tutorial:

Hi, I'm James Gardner certified athletic therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist to talk to you today about a medial knee joint tape job. This Tape job is great for general knee support. Making sure it doesn’t twist or turn the wrong way during activity, or day to day movement. The MCL or the medial portion of the joint takes a force in daily living, walking, planting, shifting your weight, having to turn a corner quickly, avoiding your dog or your kids. In sport, either a blow from the outside of the knee from an opponent, or a quick change in direction with a foot planted on the ground.


This tape job requires:


  • 2 pieces of 6-inch tape, rounded at the ends.
  • Piece #1 should cross over the medial joints. In order to find the medial joint, we have the knee just above 30 degrees of bend. Split the backing in the middle, apply 50% stretch and place it on the bony portion of the inside of the knee.
  • Peel the backing of both sides one at a time and stretch lightly. The top will stretch to the top of the lower thigh. The bottom half will stretch to the upper calf.
  • Using the second piece of tape, follow the same principle, tear the back, open the mid portion of the tape, create the tension in the middle, peel back. And then we're going to the opposite direction creating essentially an x over that MCL or that medial joint line. A little bit of tension over that space and wrap around.
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