Top of foot pain

Video tutorial:

Hi, my name is Michael Garcia. I'm a massage therapist and athletic therapist at form optimal athletic therapy. I am working with Mobility Tape to demonstrate how to apply tape for top of the foot pain. First thing you want to do is cut out three strips, two short and one long. I'm going to hand these over to Eric so that he can do the self-application.

With a short piece, you're going to tear the backing in the middle expose the middle portion of the tape, apply 50% stretch and place it down on the top of the foot, coming down the sides. Remember the anchors on either end should have no stretch. Repeat this same application with the other short piece slightly further up the foot.

This long piece goes to the anterior part of the foot, the first anchor should be placed just after the short pieces with the rest of the tape pointing up toward the shin. You're going to apply the stretch which is about 50 to 75% and lay the tape down running up the top of your foot all the way to your lower shin. Lay down the top anchor that has no stretch and then rubbing it down to help the adhesive and to help activate the heating agent. As always, with any persistent pain or dysfunction, please seek medical professional attention

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