Wrist pain (thumb side)

Video tutorial:

I'm James Gardner certified athletic therapist, here to talk to you today about a wrist tape job. So typical ways that injuries happen at the wrist, simple daily use, working at the computer, household tasks, playing in sport, rotary type movements, or even just overuse.

For this wrist tape job, we're going to use two simple pieces of tape, pre-cut rounded edges, one full length, and the second piece cut to half. For this we're going to limit the risks ability to come towards the thumb. So, we're going to tape down the pinky side of the forearm.

Splay your fingers fully with your palm facing the floor. Start with anchoring down the longer piece of tape right before the side of the pinky. With 50% stretch pull the tape down the side of the forearm and place the last inch with zero stretch.

The second piece again is cut to half length. This doesn't need much tension. This will serve as a general anchor working around the top portion of the tape job, or where it began. Set your anchor and wrap the remainder around the hand, just before where your knuckles are. Make sure to avoid wrapping your thumb and/or laying over your knuckles.

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