Plantar fasciitis/Arch support

Video tutorial:

Hi, my name is Michael Garcia. I'm a massage therapist and athletic therapist. We're here at forma optima athletic therapy to demonstrate how to apply an arch tape job commonly used for plantar fasciitis dropped navicular, or chronic foot pain that people deal with day to day. First thing you want to do is cut off three strips, one for the plantar fascia segment of the foot, two for the tibialis anterior and posterior sections. I'm going to hand these off to Eric to show you how we can do self-application. 

So, the one you want to start off with is plantar fascia, keeping your foot in a neutral position, you're going to tear off the piece of tape to apply the anchor with no stretch, laying it down right on the ball of the foot. Coming down about 50 to 75% stretch to the middle and then no stretch for the second anchor at the end. Okay, keeping the foot neutral, press it down, massage it out.

For the application of the second strip, what we want to do is again tear an anchor. We want to catch a little bit of the blade of the foot on the outside we're going to come straight across and try and follow the path of the tendon of the tibialis anterior going up the front of the shin and then with the anchor at the end having no stretch for the best possible application. 

For the third and final strip. Same beginning anchor with the shin application. But this time we're going to go with the tibialis posterior. Coming behind this medial malleolus which is the bony landmark on the inside of the ankle, all the way up to the calf. Setting the anchor with no stretch and then massaging everything down so that the adhesive stays and applies and helping activate the healing agent. With any persistent pain or discomfort seek professional medical attention.

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