Mobility Tape instructional videos

Learn how to tape your own body using our how-to videos – we go over dozens of applications designed to make taping easy yet effective. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request a tutorial by emailing

Knee cap pain

General knee support

Thumb support

Ankle support

Golfer’s elbow

Tennis elbow

Wrist support (pinky side)

Wrist support (thumb side)

General wrist support

Shoulder support

Hamstring support

Lower back support

Plantar fasciitis/Arch support

Achilles Pain

Top of foot pain

Neck pain

Training session (1 hour)

Learn the “why” about kinesiology taping. Do you have questions about applications? Do you have specific taping needs? In this hour long training session, you’ll be one on one with one of our trained therapists. They will lead you through application techniques specific to your needs and answer your questions directly, to get you started and keep you taping. These sessions are ideal for practitioners and consumer alike, as they will be tailored to your needs specifically.  (Fee $100 plus applicable taxes payable at time of booking.)

Mobility Pro Training Certification Courses

Mobility PRO Training teaches Principles, Assessment and Application of kinesiology tape. We focus on how to integrate tape into your practice by answering the question “why?” Our goal is to give you a practical framework where the patient comes first, followed by hands-on protocol learning. We believe in integrative healthcare incorporating mind, body, and soul. We want everyone to Live Life with Motion! Come join our revolution…


Kinesiology taping is covered cursorily in most healthcare curriculums. However learning to apply tape in an effective manner takes some added training.  That’s where we come in.  Our therapist trainers practice taping on the sports fields, clinics, and gyms on a regular basis and are eager to share with you their experience.  This is not a theoretical program because we believe you already have that knowledge.  We want to train you to answer the question “why?”  Why would I apply tape to this patient under these circumstances?  Utilizing our revolutionary menthol infused tape can also add to your income and separate you from the majority of professionals who do not have a working knowledge of this practice and this product.


Builds upon foundational anatomy knowledge to inform practitioners of the benefits of kinesiology tape through Principles, Assessment and Application. Courses are designed to be hands-on and interactive. Course material is digital in format allowing material to be utilized across a number of platforms. This course has 8 hours of instructional content.


Continues the development of knowledge delivered in Level I focusing on more complex applications. Techniques are designed to cover topics ranging from enhancing movement to diagnosing dysfunction patterns and utilizing kinesiology tape to enhance recovery periods while decreasing pain. This course has 16 hours of instructional content.


Designed for individuals seeking to up their game in the clinic. This course covers technically advanced applications of tape and will give you and your clients the edge over the competition. Combining this course with the High-Performance Training will earn you the coveted Mobility Pro Specialist Designation. This course has 16 hours of instructional content.


The final level in the Mobility PRO taping certification program, the High-Performance Training Course is specifically designed for individuals with an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and kinetic movement. Candidates ideally suited for this course are athletic trainers, physiotherapists and chiropractors with a sports-focused practice. With these candidates in mind, this course will cover a variety of advanced material positioning the candidate, upon completion, to be able to incorporate kinesiology tape into complex rehabilitation situations. This course has 32 hours of instructional content.