The Key to Optimal Performance Too Many People Run Away From (Part 1)

“Only when we are soft and pliable can we be hard and strong”
                           – Unknown Zen Master

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In this first of a three-part series, Jonn Kares, Right-Brain Thinking Personal Development Coach, chats about things we block out that not only cause sore muscles but also inhibit our performance.

It’s easy to be aware of two of the structural systems in the body. Bones and muscles. When they get overworked or they break they quickly let us know of their existence from the pain we feel.

But there’s an equally important structural component that often gets overlooked because it’s so invisible. And that’s the nervous system. It’s the glue that makes muscles and bones work together harmoniously, not to mention every other organ and function in the body. This constantly evolving dynamic network of neural pathways is the invisible structural system on which all physical activity depends. And an inflexible mind leads to fixed neural pathways, resulting in rigid tense muscles, reduced performance, injury and pain. The state of conditioning of that nervous system clearly establishes how well you get to perform.

Fixed rigidity, though, is often seen a sign of strength. And sometimes it really is needed to persevere. Like the way a hydro dam holds back the water. But also think how a mighty oak tree withstands gale force winds. Its strength comes not just from being rigid and unmoving. Its greatest strength comes from its flexibility, from its ability to stretch.

One of the ways we inhibit our flexibility is by not wanting to feel what we are feeling. We have to put up resistance to keep unpleasant feeling out of conscious awareness. Instead of being supple and fluid, our nervous system tenses up to resist feelings. Rather than flowing freely through our awareness, the life energy of blocked feelings stays stuck in our bodies, frozen unable to move. Sore tired muscles are not only telling us we’ve had a hard physical workout, they also arise from all the work they are having to do holding back the flow of feelings we’d rather not feel.

Stay tuned for the next post to find out what a huge source of undesired feelings comes from?

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