The Key to Optimal Performance Too Many People Run Away From (Part 3)

“Only when we are soft and pliable can we be hard and strong”
                           – Unknown Zen Master

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A funny thing happens when you stop resisting VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and actively put it to work for you. Discomfort quickly fades. You become more Self-Agile and your performance improves. Not only from the freeing up of your frozen nervous system that’s been hard at work defending you from unpleasant VUCA-sourced feelings, but you also get to discover how VUCA opens up new areas of life energy you didn’t know were available, and you find new power to stop letting circumstances be making your decisions for you.

Welcoming VUCA into your life makes you more Self-Agile, resulting in greater flexibility of thought, and by extension a more resilient physical body. Obviously, though, embracing VUCA is not the first thing most people think of. Our instincts say to run away from it as fast as you can. But habitually transforming VUCA into a trusted resource rather than a threat, like any form of conditioning for improvement, is a skill that gets developed through practice.

Self-Agility depends on three things:

  1. Where you choose to put your attention
  2. Your capacity to allow life energy to freely flow through you
  3. How you choose to respond to what you are feeling

Counter-intuitively, VUCA can help you with all three, if you are willing to allow that to happen, that is.

Being Agile is often thought to be about pivoting and adapting to change, intentionally responding to circumstances. But it can be so much more. By making VUCA work for you instead of against you, Self-Agility can go beyond merely reacting to circumstances to actually creating what comes next that you get to respond to.

You can learn more about adding VUCA into your life here.

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That’s a good point that where you choose to pay your attention would help you to be more effective. I could see how it would be hard to break old habits like watching tv when I get home. I should consider getting someone to help with that so I could make sure I use my time wisely.

November 25, 2020 ~Tyler Johnson