“Mom life” activity with minimal pain.

How Mobility Tape has helped me maintain a constant level of daily fitness and “Mom life” activity with minimal pain.   By Rebecca Wilson-McCracken

My struggles began after my third pregnancy as I suffered with some pelvic pain and alignment issues. Physiotherapy enabled me to significantly regain my strength and manage the pain I was experiencing.

I am now postpartum with baby number four, and unfortunately it feels like I have regressed. I am in pain almost daily, sleeping is uncomfortable and I wake up sore, tired, and definitely unmotivated!

I was introduced to Mobility Tape’s therapeutic heated tape at a fitness event and I was immediately intrigued by its unique features of menthol and borneol. I ordered a roll and went on YouTube to find the best ways to tape my hips and lower back. I was instantly amazed at how simultaneously my flexibility had increased while the pain I was experiencing had decreased.  I felt great!

I am seeing an osteopath to assist with the alignment and functionality of my whole body, however I continue to use my Mobility Tape, as a rehabilitation tool, between visits which allows me to reduce the pain and focus on the recovery.  As the days progressed, I could really feel the results in the form of better sleep at night, and during the day, workouts at my traditional capacity.

What do I tape? I tape my back, and hips whenever I feel tight or sore making my daily activities more seamless, including training and caring for my four children. I am grateful to have found this amazing product, a great tool to aid in my daily mobility.

Rebecca Wilson-McCracken is a member in good-standing with Canfitpro and is currently finishing her Personal Trainer, group fitness and holistic health coach course with Fit Chicks Academy.  Rebecca continues to advance her knowledge through certification programs from: Bellies Inc – the pelvic floor specialists; Girls Gone Strong – GGS Level 1 coaching certification; Girls Gone Strong – Pre & Postnatal certification; Precision Nutrition’s Nutrition coaching certification.  She will be taking her TRX Pro training, as well as her Barre instructor in the near future. Rebecca is always learning new things and is taking virtual classes with ACE, NESTA and Canfitpro.

You can reach Rebecca at | Fitness Fanatic Mom | fitnessfanaticmom.ca |

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