Life’s a journey not a destination by Brittney Wilczak

When starting a pecan orchard, you pick up a stick in the ground and hope for the best. You’re hoping for the best for at least 10 years if not more. You pass these rows of sticks and ask yourself why? Why did I invest my savings into these sticks with no leaves or any sign of life? Then 13 years later your complaining about the countless hours you spend picking up pecans. It’s that moment you see the payoff.

The hours it takes you to harvest is rewarded with a per pound pay out. You fill up buckets of pecans to earn $450 the first year. The following year you earn $1,000. From then on you are met with cash in hand for the rows of now 12 foot trees with leaves and fruit.

Building anything worthwhile takes time, patience, and perseverance.  Life is full of exciting moments of joy and passion coupled with difficult and challenging times.  COVID-19 has presented our world with the most difficult and challenging time of a generation.  We must continue to march forward and stay focused on our goals knowing that stead fast perseverance will be rewarded.

I wish there was a magical way to speed up the pecan process but there isn’t. There are going to be moments where you are at a loss because you cannot harvest. The truth is time equals success. The blood, sweat and tears are rewarded. It will take time to get there but it does come. My quote for the pecan orchard always will be “life’s a journey not a destination”. Welcome.

Brittney Wilczak | ABAT/ Behavioral therapist |

30 year old pecan trees

Brittney Stanton Wilczak, ABAT, is a behavioral therapist based in the southern United States. She can be reached by phone at 575-202-5050 or email at “Never forget how much your family loves you”- Disneys Co

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