Do you like to move? Do you like to move pain free with ease? Do you like to remain active, but aches and pains limit your activities?

Kinesiology tape is designed to help you move. Pain is a traffic sign for our body. As we attempt to move, pain tells us to use caution, yield or STOP! When our joints function as intended, we move with ease. When our joints are not functioning we don’t move very well. Each muscle surrounding a joint has a job to do. Muscles pull on bones to create movement around our joints. If a muscle is not doing its job, it might affect the movement around the joint?

To move a joint, some muscles will pull bone to facilitate the movement while others will pull on bone to inhibit movement. Some muscles push on the gas while others put on the brakes. Have you ever applied too much gas or too much brake when driving? It can be hard to control the car. Our nervous system oversees control. The nervous system likes to keep everything under control.

There are receptors in our joints that let the brain know we are moving. If everything is a go, we move effortlessly without pain. If there is any hesitation or delay in the muscles doing their jobs the system will sound the alarm (pain) or even shut it down. This hesitation can come from one muscle pulling to soon or too hard and/or another pulling to slow or not at all. This imbalance creates dysfunction in the joint. No function equals no control. The brain will only fire muscles around a joint it trusts. It is a protective mechanism for the body as a whole. If you reach your arm over head the brain wants to be sure you can do it under control.

Kinesiology tape helps to facilitate and or inhibit movement by pulling on the muscles that pull on the bones that create movement. Kinesiology tape helps to communicate to the brain that it is OK to move the joint. Kinesiology tape assists the nervous system in maintaining control.

If you like to move, kinesiology tape is right for you.

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