Happy World Spine Day! By Kaitlyn Trainer DC

As a chiropractor, my days are filled with spines — thinking about them, treating them, taking care of my own, you name it.  But if you’re not a chiropractor, your spine may seldom cross your mind. 

If that’s the case, I want you to set aside some time today to give your spine the love it deserves!

Here are some quick ways to keep your spine happy & healthy:


Get outside today, if you can! Move your body with a walk, a bike ride, a run. Whatever type of movement you enjoy most.  There is no right way to move.  The right movement is whatever movement you will do!


This is important, not only for your spine, but for your bones, muscles and joints, in general.  Incorporating strength training a few times a week keeps your body strong & helps prevent the development of osteoporosis in the future. Never lifted weights before? No problem! Start light & start today.  It’s never too late.


Dynamic stretching requires flexibility & strength.  A quick Google or YouTube search on spinal mobility exercises will do the trick & only needs to take a few minutes of your time.  Some examples are cat/camels, thread the needle, controlled articular rotations, and so on.  Practicing yoga is also a great way to incorporate mobility.


If your job requires you to be sedentary for long periods, it’s important to remember to take frequent breaks.  This doesn’t necessarily need to mean you stop your work.  Breaks can also consist of you changing your position from sitting to standing for a while.  Set your alarm for every 30 minutes to remember to change it up.

Your spine does a lot for you.  It’s responsible for your brain-body connection.  Your body WORKS because of your spine.  Show it some love and appreciation today (and every day for that matter!)

Your future self will thank you for it!! 

About the author: Dr. Kaitlyn Trainor is a chiropractor practicing in her hometown of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Kaitlyn is passionate about all things health and wellness, with a particular interest in female health and pediatrics.  In her spare time, she enjoys painting, going to the gym, spending time with family & friends, and playing with her Goldendoodle, Kyro.  

Fun fact: She adopted Kyro in her last year of chiropractic college when he was seven years old.  His name was Cairo.  She’s not sure if it was meant to be or just a really weird coincidence that she was studying to be a chiro.  At seven years old, she couldn’t see him need to change homes AND names, so she just changed the spelling to make it her own. 

Contact info: Still in the process of building my website, so for now if you just want to link to my instagram, that would be the best way to get in touch with me.

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