At the heart of everything we do, lies a drive to keep people moving.

Whether you’re a top athlete, a therapist looking for an effective way to treat injuries, or simply someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, Mobility Tape works harder to keep you going.

Meet Jay

Like many of us, our founder Jay enjoys staying active – it’s a huge part of who he is. So it’s no surprise that he’s familiar with the soreness and injury that comes along with physical activity.

One day during a physiotherapy session, Jay was introduced to kinesiology tape. While it helped with recovery, he wished for a faster way to target and relieve the pain that he felt.

After months of working with doctors and therapists, Jay created Mobility Tape, the only tape with built-in heat activation. Once he started to use it, he noticed a change instantly. It not only helped to reduce pain, but it also provided him with the support and confidence he needed to get back to being active, faster.

Whether you’re at the gym, or at your desk, he knows it can help give you the relief and comfort you need to get through your day.


What is Mobility Tape?

Discover the only kinesiology tape that assists your recovery and helps relieve pain using built-in heat activation.

This is made possible by incorporating heat-producing components into the tape’s adhesive for an easy and mess-free application. Mobility Tape will apply compression to a specific area – promoting rapid recovery – or decompression to relieve pain and swelling, assisting in lymphatic drainage.