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Mobility Tape is a truly unique form of sports therapy. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, it is commonly known as Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. Today practitioners around the world use Kinesiology Sports Tape to treat injuries, improve athletic performance, and deliver a broad spectrum of benefits that enhance the quality of everyday life.

Mobility Pro Series Athletic Tape comes in two styles: traditional and heated featuring an added heat activating agent delivering extra pain relief of muscle and joint soreness.

Experience the difference today.  Enjoy less pain and enhanced mobility with greater comfort, less irritation, improved circulation and the healing results you want – faster.

tape_600pxtLong a favourite of Olympic athletes and top clinical practitioners, Mobility Tape brings breakthrough technology to the treatment of pain. Heat infusion accelerates healing in a more flexible tape. A difference you’ll see in greater mobility and less irritation, improved circulation with reduced swelling, and dramatically enhanced range of motion and overall comfort. A truly better quality of life from a longer-lasting tape; you’ll even sleep better!

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